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When I went back to Japan, one of the main events was to visit Kochi prefecture. The blue part of the Japan map is Kochi prefecture. From Osaka, it's about 5 hours bus trip. 

I was born and raised in Osaka, all relatives are living Osaka. Yes, I'm a pure Osaka girl. But it was tough when I was a kid, there were nowhere to visit outside of Osaka on the holiday season. Summer time and New Year season, we have family gathering in Japan same as a Christmas for western culture. After the holiday, every kid was talking about their trip to grandma, grandpa's house in the countryside. Osaka is a big city, so I was so jealous what other kids saw or done in the countryside.

Anyway, it was the first bus trip for me. To tell you the truth, actually it was a quite comfortable trip. Individual sheet, footrest, disposable slippers, bathroom inside of the bus, free drinks,  and showing the movies. I thought more comfortable than the flight. 

The bus stopped twice at the service station. You can go to the bathroom, you can buy your favorite drink, snacks or food at the kiosk. You can stretch your body also. Seeing beautiful countryside scenery, chatted with my friend, 5 hours trip was just a second to me. 

Kochi City is very compact and good size. There is a cute tram running in the city. We took a tram to go to the city hall.

We rented a car to visit the Niyodo river. It's a one of the famous rivers for their its clearest stream. It was amazing!

We also walked around the small old towns.


The food in Kochi is just amazing. So fresh, so yummy and the price was so reasonable!!Kochi is a famous for the Seared Bonito. The bonito was lightly seared over  a fire made from rice straw.  You can see the picture below! It was cool! The sliced seared bonito is dipped in a soy based  sauce seasoned with spices, but I heard just salt flavored was the popular way to eat, so I tried the salt. It was sooooooo good!!

You can get seared bonito at the supermarket in Osaka also, but a taste is totally different! You must try a real one!!

I must tell you, I fell in LOVE with Kochi!! Kochi has mountains, rivers, and ocean. This is the land of nature's gift. I don't think you can ski in Kochi(it's not cold enough), but you can do surf, canoeing, kayaking and camping. If you love outdoor adventure, it is the place to be.

If you love Japanese food, this is the place to be as well.

Kochi has airport, you can come from Tokyo or Osaka very easy or like me, you can take a bus (it's cheaper). Just hop on and stay here several days, then you want to stay longer!!

And one more thing, Kochi is very big prefecture if you want to visit and see many places, you should rent a car like my friend and I did. So, don't forget your international license!!


-English web magazine about Kochi

Japan National Tourism Organization | Kochi

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I hadn't been back to Japan over 4 years, so I was very busy meeting my friends to catch up when I was there.

Because everything is so expensive in Australia and away from Japan so long, I was actually shocked how great food Osaka had and how decent prices they were.

This is a one of famous chain sushi trains in Japan.  Many plates are 100 yen!! Like $1 each!! On the Gold Coast, $3.50!!
For convenience I just convert 100 yen to $1

This is a lunch, I ordered Chicken curry set (with Nan and salad) at very famous Nepal restaurant in Osaka. This is 850 yen. Say $8.50!!

This is one person Nabe (one plate of sliced meat, rice, and veggies) . Veggies and tofu were all you can eat!! This course was 1,060 yen ($10.60)

This is Okonomiyaki at Fugetsu. If you come to Osaka, you gotta eat Okonomiyaki at Fugetsu. It's really good.This is Fugetsu Yaki (Mix of pork, shrimp and squid) 1200yen($12)

At Korean restaurant. This set was 1200 yen ($12)

My girlfriend took me to the little Japanese restaurant in her local place. This gorgeous set was only 1900 yen ($19)

All those food were under $20!! 

Also I think you can tell, I don't eat much meat or deep fried food when I'm in Japan. you know, Sushi is not only Japanese food. You can choose so many different healthy Japanese food for a decent price.  

I was soooooooooooo sad to leave Japan. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

 If you love to eat, come to Osaka, Japan!! 


Traditional Japanese Ingredients with the Essence of Australia.
M Naturalz

I really have to say, before I opened my shop, I was bit skeptical about testimonials or customers reviews. Because you never know who writes the comments, the shop can write anything. I know bit rude to think this way, but I think many people think the same. 

On Etsy, only real customers (purchased the products from the shop) can leave reviews. I read all reviews and comments. As any other handmade shop owners, I feel bit scared and nervous. Are my customers satisfied? Happy? 

The customers reviews are there on Etsy, but I think I tried to share some.

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"Me gusta mucho, me parece estupendo"

Those are recent and few customer reviews of my shop. you can check all reviews  anytime in my Esty shop.

I really would like to say "THANK YOU" for all customers who took their time to write reviews. 

I believe what I can do for my customer is, keep learning, be better Beauty therapist and have good communication with my customers.


Wa & Zen Japanese style Facial soaps

I can't believe it has been 2 months since I came back from Japan. It was so much fun and I ate too much. 

I think many people know about Japanese food. But home cooking Japanese meal is bit different than the restaurant.

At home, we normally don't serve one plate style. Cook several foods and share with family.

Those food pictures were made by my mom.
You can see the Tempura in the center, Kiriboshidaikon(dried radish strips) on the left, salad on the right and Khoyadofu(freeze-dried bean curd) under the salad. Those are dinner food to share with family. 

Each one has own rice bowl, chopsticks and an empty plate for the  place the food. This day we had own fish as well. 

This night we had Sashimi, Kinpiragobo and spinach with sesame. 

This night mom made all my favorite food,  so each one had own food. No share,.

Again each one has a grilled fish, Miso soup. We shared veggies.

This was a lunch. One bowl meal and Miso soup. Sorry, the miso soup supposed be on the right side. (°Д°;
Japanese table setting has also strict rules.

Anyway those were Japanese home-style meal. 
As you see we normally don't  use matched plates, like a hotel. Choosing a plate to match the food. 

There are so many homestyle Japanese recipes on an internet, so try some Japanese night!

I have to admit. I hate cooking. When I win a Lotte, I want to hire the shef!! so I don't need to cook. ha ha ha 
The key is choosing easy and quick recipe!

-There are Video and great recipes by a Japanse girl

-There are so many Videos!

Wa & Zen Japanese style Facial soaps

The list of things I wanted to do in Japan besides meet my friends and eat Japanese food was to have a bath.

Normally I just take a shower in Australia. As I wrote "Taking a bath is serious business in Japan" in my blog before.  Having a bath is very important culture.  

In this trip, I went to "Super Sento" with my girlfriends. 
Sento means a public bath in Japanese but I actually I had no idea what " Super sento" was.  The sento (public bath) I know is a place where the locals could go to wash themselves, soak in a tub and socialize with neighbors especially old people. 

Anyway, the "Super sento" my girlfriend took me was big!! and more like Japanese style SPA or SPA like amusement park. 

There were restaurant, souvenir shop, cafe

 TV room, Massage room (You can get a massage as well), Massage Chairs.

And of course different inside baths

Outside baths

Different type of Saunas such as normal sauna, steam sauna, salt sauna, stone sauna...

and a library. You can read Japanese Manga, Magazines

All those facilities are under the same roof!! We went to the Super Sento after dinner, so probably around 10 pm, but there were so many people. 

Oh, male and female have separate bath, but other spaces can be used together. 

I got to tell you, Japanese Onsen or public bath, you cannot wear swimsuits. You have to take off all your clothes to have a bath. Yes, if you go to the public bath with friends, all naked and have a bath together. 

Sounds wired but very HOT thing to do now in Japan. I saw many young girls came in together or even boys.

My girlfriend and I took a shower to wash ourselves, hopped in the lower temperature bath, moved on to the high temperature bath, jet massage bath, outside bath, herbal bath, cooled off for a while, hopped in another bath, went to stone sauna, rested at the resting room, read some magazines...when I checked the time, it was already past midnight!! ( ゜Д゜;)
My girlfriend said she normally stays more than 3 hours. 

My first experience of the super sento in Japan was so much fun. Even not the "super" one, having a bath and stretch your all body in the big tub is so relaxing!!

I found some posts about sento in English.
Japan Guide.com
-About public bath in English

-Bathing etiquette in English

Tha Japanese Bath House
- Japanese Sento in Australia 

Traditional Japanese Ingredients with Essence of Australia
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