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Green Tea

By 5:51 PM

Everybody knows what green tea is, but do you really know how to prepare delicious green tea?

First of all, Japanese green tea has many kinds, such as sencha, Gyokuro, Houjicya, Bancha etc...
All those tea come from the same tree but the process, time of picking, which part of leaves are picking, make different kind of tea and make taste different.

Some of my friends told me that they don't like green tea because it's very bitter taste. So I tried to explain them how the temperature of hot water influenced the taste of Japanese (Green) tea.

I found interesting web, called Maiko Cha (Tea). They explain everything about Japanese tea. If you want to know about Japanese (Green) Tea, check it out!

Maiko Cha

And I really recommend to go to Japanese or Asian grocery store to get tea leaves. And have fun to drink a delicious cup of tea!

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