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Japanese Apricot

By 9:50 PM

Obviously I'm not a native English speaker, but some how I managed to have a little handmade soap shop.

When I started to learn how to make soap, I've never ever imagined I would have a little online shop.

My soap mentor in Japan was chemist, so he has explained so much staff about chemical reactions.....most of the times it was over my head!

After I moved to Australia, everything went so quick to set up my little shop to actually sell my soaps.

First, you need your products to sell, second you need a shop name, logo, pictures...etc. If you have lots of money you can just hand everything over to designer or whoever you need.

I don't have enogh money to hire designer or photografer to make your shop look good.

So it took long time to think up my logo. I'm using the flower at the end of my shop logo. It's actually Japanese Apricot.

My dear grand mother's name, the lady I respect the most. She was intelligent, kind and graceful woman. It's been seven years since she had  past away.

I use her name of flower to remember her and show my respect.

If you stuck of your idea, how about look around your family. Always some inspiration come up.

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