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Soap Moulds

By 9:23 PM

Are you a fun of wooden soap moulds? Or flexible soap moulds?

In Japan, many people use the milk container as a soap mould. It's not made of plastic as many other countries. We have 1000ml size milk and it's made of paper.Off course it does has coating inside. 

You don't need any paper liner, you can peel off when soap gets dry. I used to use milk containers as a soap mould as well.


Use side way

Then I got a silicon flexible  mould.

Silicon Soap Mould
This is very thick well made soap mould made by Japanese silicon moulds company. You don't need to make any paper liner but only problem I found is, if you use more soft oil, it's very difficult to get it out. And normally my recipe is using more soft oil. It's not gonna be beautiful soap...... 

So I'm using acrylic soap moulds now.

This is very simple structure. The acrylic frame and tray. Cover the bottom of the acrylic frame with the film wrap and set in the tray like a picture above. No paper liner need. And very clean and beautiful surface. I love it!

How do I get the soap out? It's sooooooooo easy. Just push it up!! Don't need to unscrew or anything. Easy to use, easy to clean.

So far, this is my favorite soap mould.

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