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Discover Japan - Aomori

By 11:57 PM

Have you ever been to Japan? I should ask, have you ever been to country side of Japan?

Many Australians come to Japan for skiing or snowboarding. Many people go for shopping to Tokyo, love to see Kyoto.

I found those pictures at Pinterst. I couldn't believe those places were Japan when I saw those pictures first time.

So beautiful. This is Aomori prefecture. It's really far away from my city Osaka that I used to live.

So, of course I've never been there.  It was so good discovery.
Good to know Japan has so much green actually.

The web is Japan Travel UPDATEs.

You can find different side of Japan. So many article about different place of Japan. If you are planning to go to Japan, would be nice to check it out.

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