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Dog Excercise Beach

By 10:44 PM

This is the beach near my house. I live around 5 minutes away from there!

Good thing is the beach has a dog exercise area, so I can take Milo and unleash him.

He can play with other dogs. : )

Only and big problem is he won't come back to me!!!! when he satisfied himself to play on the beach, he just runs away from me......

Actually I took him to puppy kindy, I tried to train him as a dog trainer said, it seems like he is a naturally pack leader dog and so stubborn!!

I always get scared when he runs away, because when he cross over the line of the dog exercise area to the prohibit area, I'll get fined on the spot!!

There are no fence nor rope. Just little flag divides heaven and hell. So every time when he runs, I scream and ask peoples help to get him.

Of course after the beach I'm just so exhausted. I think I do more exercise than he dose, because I have to chase him on the beach.

So I came up new idea,

DON'T unleash him, just switch to thin leash and keep exercise him!

 Easier to catch him when he runs away. Try to step on the end of the leash. : )

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