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Japanese Folding Fans

By 11:48 AM

I got Japanese folding fans the other day.  It's summer in here Australia, so very handy to have a fan with me.

I remember I brought my several folding fans from Japan but I can't find them...

Anyway so I got new fans.Blue and modern print. I love those.

Many Japanese are still useing folding fans, and there are so many different designs ,colors and materials, so you can coordinate with your cloths, bag or shoes. Normaly we have several folding fans to enjoy the little changes.

I know, you think it must be very expensive, and yes, some traditional Japanese folding fans are very expensive. But I don't think you need such a expensive ones for your daily life.

I found my fans in online shop and  very reasonable, or I should say shockingly cheap.

And also I found an interesting blog about history of Japanese folding fan. Actually we call SENSU.


This web tells you how to unfold a fan

Cool Japan Gift

If you wanna get Japanese fans for yourself or gifts, or other goods from Japan, check out the online shop called


I got my folding fans from this shop.
I love it!!

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