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Sashimi - That's I really want to eat!!

By 9:56 PM

I've been in Australia around 3 years now. I've been back home in Japan only once.

I normally OK with food in here Australia. I like BBQ....

But sometimes I just crave seafood like crazy. Especially Sashimi. Sashimi is a thinly sliced raw seefood dish.

Sushi became very populer food all over the world, here in Australia too. But Sashimi is not that populer.

Sashimi has many different kind of fresh seafood on the plate.

When you go to Japan, it's really easy to get Sashimi. I used to eat Sashimi Lunch Plate around $10 near my office.

Normally comes with rice,miso soup and other side dishes and Sashimi. Yum! 

When I think of Japanese food, I just want to jump on the plain and go home right now.

If you wanna eat cheap Sashimi in Japan, just go to local supermarket, there are somany different Sashimi which alrady sliced and nicely packed in the fresh seafood section.

I found the web explaining about Sashimi, Sushi and other Japanese food in English.

Japanese Food Sashimi

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