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Snow Monkeys in Japan

By 10:57 PM

Have you heard snow monkeys?? Unbelievably Japanese monkeys take a bath in Nagano prefecture in Japan.

Nagano prefectures is very famous for Australian skiers and snow borders. Every year more and more people come for skying or snow boarding to Nagano.

Many friends and people I've met said, they were gonna go to Japan for snowboarding or skying because of the powder snow, oh and close to Australia.

I personally hate winter and cold, so I'm not interested to go to cold place....

But Nagano has another famous place called Snow Monkey Park.

You can actually see wild Japanese monkeys are in the hot spring!!

It's not a new behavior, I saw those pictures or  TV news every winter. But when I 'm away from my country and especially living in the opposite season, it became new to me. strange... 

They must feel good.

Aren't they cute?? 

The park has a web: Jigokudani  Yaen Koen

This web has live camera as well. You must see it!!
There are English button in the middle left (above LIVE Camera), so you can read some English articles, and history about Japanese monkey.

Check it out!

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