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Azuki (Red Beans) Soap

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Japanese Azuki (Red beans) are small, dried, oval-shaped bean with a distinctive deep red color and are one of the few beans that contain low fat and high protein.Azuki is second popular beans after soybeans in Japan.

Azuki(Red beans) was one of the main products used for washing the face and body before soap was introduced in Japan.

Azuki contain “saponin,” which is a natural cleansing agent that removes old keratin, sebum and dirt from pores. Also, saponin reduces excessive sebum production that useful for pimples and acne skin problems.

This soap is face soap, you can wash your body as well.

I have oily combination skin so normally I use this soap for washing my face.

This Azuki powder is very fine, so you don't feel any grits.

If you have oily or oily combination skin, I recommend this soap!
Azuki Soap is available at M Naturalz.

M Naturalz
 Traditional Japanese Ingredients with the Essence of Australia

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