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DIY OLD BBQ- My New Soap Table

By 4:44 PM

This is my new soap table (shelf). Don't you think this is a familiar design?

Yes, I made this table from old BBQ which I found in my neighborhood. I found this just 2 blocks away from my home, but it was sooo heavy. Good woods.

This is original. When I brought it back home. Can't really see but it was soooo dirty. It was covered by oil and fat I guess, and coals were still inside....So had to clean first.

Then coat with the primer and painted. I wanted to have a shabby look, so I didn't do too much paint.

The middle part and the top part needed the boards to become shelf and table. So, thank you, Bunnings, got the cheap boards and covered those.

Now I got a new soap table!! Even though my Mr, DIY did most of the jobs done. It was so much fun to do it!!

I'm still looking for another old BBQ. he he he

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