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DIY Printer Table

By 11:00 AM

I got a new laser printer. Only problem didn't have any space to place....

The inkjet printer and backup computer, papers, all those stuff have already occupied space. So, I checked everywhere, Officeworks, Super K-mart, K-mart.....I checked the coffee table, shelves, but none of them didn't have enough space or not high enough to hold  all printer stuff.

So, I decided to make printer table. 

First, materials. I got the palettes from BIG W. 

Then cut it and paint it and build it.

Of course Mr, DIY did almost everything. : )

Actually I used the glue to put together. Used some bolts but mostly glued them.

I prefer to have a shabby look and not just white, so using gray primer under white paint. It became concrete look. I like it!

Put some weight on for over the night. Then I have a new printer table!!

Sorry, it's difficult to see the color, but it's not white, grayer. I think this color is a better look with PC stuff. And it's not fragile actually.

I like it every day ♪

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