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Yuzu Exfoliating Soap is coming soon!

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As I wrote about Yuzu's (Japanese grapefruit or citrus) health and beauty benefit before, I created Yuzu Exfoliating Soap.

This is dried Yuzu zest. It's so beautiful scent. I love it! But unfortunately lye kills nice scent, that's ashamed. I think all soap maker are struggling with lye kills scent and effects the color.

I put those zests in the mill ( I use a coffee mill ) and made it powder.

When the soap got trace, just mixed with it. Thank God, Yuzu didn't change the color. You can see orange dots in my Yuzu Exfoliating soap.

I really wanted to use Yuzu Fragrance oil, so I bought it from an American company. Mmmmm it's really nice scent but it's NOT Yuzu scent that I can recognize....oh, well I guess it's very difficult to create exactly same Yuzu scent.

Anyway Yuzu Exfoliating Soaps are on the way. Coming soon.

Now, I purchasing the real Yuzu Essential Oil from Japan. The Yuzu the company use are grown in Kochi prefecture.

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