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Yuzu (Japanese Citrus)

By 8:36 PM

Have you heard Yuzu? or Japanese Citrus or Japanese Grapefruits?

Yuzu is a variety of citrus fruit which is cultivated in Asia.
The taste of Yuzu is sour, tart and very fragrant citrus, slightly smaller than a billiard ball.

There are a number of uses for Yuzu in Japanese cuisine and use of it's juice and zest.

 Yuzu are also treated to extract their essential oil which is mixed in with bath and cosmetic products.

Even seeds of Yuzu, can preserve with Sake and it is use to create natural skin toning.

Yuzu is not only for cooking, Japanese have been enjoying yuzu bath on winter solstice  for many years, because the tradition says that doing so will chases evil spirits away, maintains health, and keeps away cold for a whole year.

Yes, Yuzu is a super food! Unfortunately I can't get Yuzu in Australia. Maybe I can, I just don't know. If someone knows where I can get Yuzu near Gold Coast please let me know!

Anyway, I got the dried Yuzu peel from Japan. It smell really good and brought back so much memories.....

It's summer time in here so I think I wont use it for bath, I think I'll use Yuzu peel for my soap. ♪

I'm gonna show you when I make Yuzu Soap.

More about Yuzu, Check this web

Yuzu Passion

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