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DIY Pallet Desk

By 11:25 AM

Another DIY project. Pallet desk.

Again, got several pallets from BIG W and Bunnings and cut those. Those processes were not my job...(^o^)

This is the structure for my desk and I wanted. you know, when you check the catalog or beautiful pictures, you never see desktop PC and many cable cords in there. Normally laptop PC and somehow no cords....

But the reality is I have a desktop jumbo PC and cords everywhere....not so beautiful....

So, I just wanted the simple structure desk and can access the power point easy and also can hide the cords somehow.

The same process as the printer table or a BBQ soap table. Gray primer first and white paint on top. I don't like just white, so made it look shabby.

Put those together with bolts.

All done. The right leg has space for files and hides extension cords. The left leg is for the computer. I will put the glass on top of the leg, the reason why I didn't bother to paint it. Also, I will put the piece of glass on top of the desk.

The best thing is you can put hook on the side or back. It's all pallet and you can modify it for all your needs. (^o^)/

My DIY project will continue!

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