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Satellite Dog

By 3:48 PM

I found the pink skin on Milo's front leg. Seemed like he got injured somehow.

Main problem was he didn't stop licking.

So, I decided to make him stop licking his front leg.
The first idea was, to make neck supporter, like the one you use when you got a neck injury.

Like this

I think the idea wasn't bad, but I used pillow case, so it wasn't hard enough to hold his neck, so he could easily reach his front leg.....

So, the second idea was, using a cardboard to make a dog cone.

Not too bad.

Tried to be more creative. I wrote MILO on his cone. : )

I though he couldn't see any view, so I cut a little bit around the cone edge, then I cut too much!! Then I made the under of the cone little longer with duct tape.....It became a comedy routine....

But he seemed OK.

Not so fashionable but it supposed to do the job. But again this year we have lots of the rain.... mmmm cardboard became soggy...Oh, No.....

Finally, I bought a plastic dog cone.

I realized, real dog cone is so much bigger.

And flexible...Oh well,

He is a satellite dog now.

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