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DIY Pallet Soap Rack

By 9:20 PM

New Pallet Project!!

This project actually took longer time, cause I couldn't really decide what type of rack I wanted.

First, I need drying space for soap which need to cure.
Second, I need all my soap stock space and I can easily see them. I'm not tall, so I don't want the rack too high.
Third, I need a space for my molds and soap cutters ...etc

Oh, well I wanted a rack that can hold all my soaps and soap accessories but not too heavy. That's it.

I've been thinking....what should I do.... But one day when I was driving the back side of the shopping mall, I found the skip!!

So I of course have checked inside of the skip. Then  it became a treasure box!! I found the metal shelves!! Can you believe it!? Still good condition!! So, I got some. : )

So I only needed the frame of the soap rack. ; )
This is the frame made of pallet. I think this pallet is bigger than normal one.

Then, primed us usual. Still same theme. Shabby look. I used gray color primer.

Painted with White. Tried to make a shabby look.

This is the close look of the shabby frame. I think I did a good job! ; )

Insert the metal shelves into the pallet frame.

Top shelves, the space for the soaps ready to go. On the middle  shelves, the space for my soaps still need time to cure. The bottom shelves are for my soap molds and, cutters and other soap accessories.

This is my dream soap rack! It holds everything I need and easily reach everything.

I put my soap rack next to my soap table. So this  is my work space!! I really love it!!

Sorry the mess.....I should've cleaned up before take a photo.....

Love DIY!!

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