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Yomogi (Japanese Mugwort) Soap

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Yomogi (Japanese Mugwort) is one of the most popular wild plants in Japan. It is the Japanese "wonder herb", a member of the Daisy family.

Yomogi is used in a number of Japanese dishes, including yōkan, a dessert, or kusa mochi, also known as yomogi mochi. Mugwort rice cakes, or kusa mochi are used for Japanese sweets called Daifuku (which literally translated means 'great luck').

In addition, the fuzz on the underside of the mugwort leaves is gathered and used in moxibustion.

In some regions in Japan, there is an ancient custom of hanging yomogi and iris leaves together outside homes in order to keep evil spirits away. It is said that evil spirits dislike their smell.

The juice is said to be effective at stopping bleeding, lowering fevers and purging the stomach of impurities. It can also be boiled and taken to relieve colds and coughs.
-From Wikipedia

Yomogi is useful as a medical and culinary herb.  Improves complexion, blood flow and alleviates inflammatory conditions.

I've got semi-powder Yomogi from Japan. Normally people will use it for cooking but I used it for my soap. ; )

When the soap got the trace stage, just add Yomogi powder.  It became green color. It's beautiful.

Poured into the mold, set 4 to 6 weeks.

Yomogi Soap is ideal for any skin type, you can use as facial soap as well. It improves disinfectant and anti-allergic function.

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