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Gold Coast Sunset Soap

By 12:57 PM ,

My new soap "Gold Coast Sunset".

I've been making simple color soaps, so I'd rather make something pop and colorful soap this time.

This is five layered color soap such as white, yellow, orange, red and deep red. I used cosmetic grade liquid color this time.

I found some liquid colors are not stable. I've never had such a problem before in Japan. Just some liquid colors I bought in Australia. When I mixed the color with soap(Alkali), it just change totally different color than I expected(or should say the product I bought), even next day or so  still different color.....like green become brown, no matter how much or what time I use.

Oh well, always have to test the product before use.
Anyway, this time no surprise, Each color stayed the same.

Gold Coast Sunset is on Etsy store now.

M Naturalz Etsy store

Traditional Japanese Ingredients with the Essence of Australia

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