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Shikon(Purple Gromwell root) Soap - Japanese new beauty trend

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Shikon is a Purple Gromwell /Lithospermum erythrorhizon root in Japanese.

It has been cultivated in Japan around 1300 years for its root, which can be used for herbal medicine and to make dyes.

Shikon is a one of Japanese traditional crude medicine. It has been used for many centuries due to their extraordinary healing and anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties and is used for soothing and healing skin wounds, also as a remedy for certain digestive disorders.

Shikon(Purple Gromwell root) suddenly became a big boom  in Japan. Such as Shikon lotion, Shikon Soap, Shikon cream... I read that midnight shopping channel on TV had picked up the Shikon merchandise one night triggered the big boom.

Shikon has been shown healing of wounds, burns, bruises, and cuts, as well as the minor infections they cause. And it used in tinctures, ointments for remains healthy skin.

Many my Japanese friends say using it to heal scars and improve skin tone.

So, I decided to make Shikon Soap. I ordered Shikon from Japan.

Infused with pure olive oil. You can see the oil became purplish red color.

This is the photo before I mixed with lye. Very beautiful color! : ) Looks like a juice. ha ha ha

After mixed with lye. Changed the color! fascinating! Gray purple.

This is the trace stage color. Changed the color again. Blue gray.

The process after mixed with lye was the same. cut and cured and done.

The soap color is like gray purple. 

This is a facial soap, so it doesn't have a strong scent.
You can use as body soap as well.

Handmade Shikon Soap is available at my Etsy store now!!

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