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Father's Day in Australia

By 12:37 PM ,

In Australia Father's Day is first Sunday of September. Actually I didn't know that for a while.

I even didn't know Father's day is different day in different country!! dam dam...

Third Sunday of June is Father's Day in Japan, same as US, Canada, UK. My family is still in Japan, so I've just followed Japanese date. It's my ignorance..... ha ha ha

Last call for Father's day gift from M Naturalz handmade soap!

My recommendations:

Bay Rum Spice Soap

Gold Coast Blue Soap

Camouflage Soap

Zen Garden Soap

Azuki Soap

Free Father's Day gift wrapping when you buy more than 2 soaps.(Please mention "Father's day gift" each soap when you order. I will put those soaps in the same bag.)
Gift wrapping

Those handmade soaps are available at my Etsy store.

Handmade Soap M Naturalz

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