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Japanese Traditional Beauty Seacret - Nightingale Droppings

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Have you heard Uguisu no Fun or Nightingale Droppings before?

The Japanese used the bird droppings to remove stains from silk garments, like kimonos. Then, during the Edo period (A.D. 1603–1868), the Japanese expanded the use by using it as a beauty treatment. Some sources, however, report that as early as the 3rd century, Japanese women rubbed bags of rice bran on their faces and used nightingale droppings to whiten the skin. Geishas and kabuki actors used heavy white makeup that contained zinc and lead, which could have caused skin diseases and other issues. Uguisu no Fun was used to thoroughly remove the makeup and whiten and even the skin Also, Buddhist monks used the droppings to polish and clean their bald scalps.
Modern day use of uguisu no fun in Japan may be attributed to a respect for the ancestral tradition as well as the innovative culture of Japan.

Victoria Beckham, who has long suffered from acne, used uguisu no fun to improve her skin. It was reported that Victoria Beckham admired the clarity of the skin of Japanese women and subsequently learned about the droppings.David Beckham has been said to use the product as well
- From Wikipedia

Love Wikipedia, it tells you everything! Uguisu no Fun is a Traditional Japanese beauty secret used by Geisha, Kabuki Actors and Japanese women for centuries.

I know sounds yuck… they contain an enzyme which has a natural lightening effect for your skin. Also, it is deep cleansing, gently exfoliates. Leaves skin soft, smooth, nourish and brighter. Sounds good isn't it?

As I recall when I was a child my grandmother used put uguisu no fun on my face when we had a bath. (In Japanese culture, kids take a bath with a parent or grandparent) Sometimes it was an egg white from an egg shell. I didn’t know what it was that time, but my grandma was always put some traditional beauty stuff on me. (I still miss her...) Of course, it was looooong time ago. 

Anyway I decided to create Geisha Soap. It’s already mixed with soap, so there are no odor smells. I use ultraviolet light treated powder, no need to worry about bacteria or anything.

Suitable for aging, oily, blemished or rough skin or for those looking to clear their complexion. Not suitable for sensitive or allergy-prone skin. If you are not sure, please do the patch test first.

Geisha Soap would be powerful for some skin condition. Use every 3 to 4 days to start and see how your skin reacts. You can use every day if you want to.

Geisha Soap is available at my Etsy store.

 Traditional Japanese Ingredients with the Essence of Australia

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