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Cuckoo clock

By 4:40 PM

When I saw the picture of the cuckoo clock (↑above), all sudden my memory came back.

Actually I had the same clock when I was a little kid.

My dad got it for me as a souvenir from Germany perhaps( I really don't remember). I was so excited because I've only seen that kind of the clock in the movie that time.

Dad put the clock on the wall in my room, I was a happy child.

A week past.... two weeks the past... nothing happening....
I've expected the girl on the swing and pigeon would move or would make noise....

And then clock stopped working all sudden. So the clock  broke before I saw any kind of entertainment.... I was so so disappointed and crying that time. Of course, my dad couldn't fix it.

I assumed the clock didn't work because it was broken.

But now I reprised... is it really move or make cuckoo noise??

This is my mystery now.....

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