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Suds net for your facial soap!

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Suds net is a "must have" item for people who are washing  face with solid soap.

When you wash your face with solid soap, it is very important to create suds. Otherwise end up you are rubbing your face with your hands.

It doesn't matter you are a  female or male. Skin doesn't need those friction every day.

Since many Japanese prefer to use solid soap for facial cleanse, suds net became very popular item and everybody has one. : )

This is suds I have created with suds net. Very creamy foam!

This way you can maximize detergency of the soap and actually milder for the skin.

The suds net made of polyethylene mesh, so it dries very quick.

This suds net is handmade by me. ; )
There are 5 different colors. (Pink , Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange) US$2 each.

Available at my shop at Etsy. 

M naturalz

Bulk buy is also available. Please E mail me.

30-49 nets  30% off
50- nets     40% off
more than 100 nets 50% off

You can mix the color. ; )

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