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Salt from Okinawa

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Finally, I made Okinawa's Salt Soap. Blue gradation soap.

I used famous Okinawa's salt "Nuchi-masu."
My friend has gone back to Tokyo Japan for a month and also has visited her relatives in Okinawa prefecture during that time. And she borough back some goodies from Okinawa for me! Yey!!

Okinawa Prefecture located at the southern end of Japan. The crystal clear blue ocean is a well-known image of Okinawa. The water is so blue it feels as if you are being drawn into the ocean. Colorful tropical fish swim amongst the beautiful coral reefs at the bottom of the world renowned clear seas.The unique natural environment of Okinawa was formed by the complex geographical features of the islands and the mild and rainy subtropical oceanic climate. Old-growth forests untouched since ancient times and mangrove jungles are home to precious rare animals and plants that cannot be found elsewhere.
-From Okinawa Story(Official travel and tourism information)

Probably this isn't your image of Japan. Big city Tokyo, Osaka or historical city Kyoto or Nagano for skiing are more common tourism.

But we have also the tropical island and they have different culture.

Anyway what is "Nuchi-mas"? Why is it so special?

Nuchi-masu is a powder like salt taken from the Okinawa's the sea water (Pacific Ocean). It contains 21minerals and was registered in the Guinness World Records in 2000 for its significant mineral richness. 
This sea salt is very fine powder like confectioners' sugar, so this soap doesn't scratch your skin. It is very mild exfoliate soap.

My Okinawa's Salt Soap is available at my Etsy store.

M Naturalz
 Traditional Japanese Ingredients with the Essence of Australia

If you are interested in "Nuchi-masu". There is official web
This is an English web, the company tells you how do they make their unique salt.  

Okinawa Story
This is an English Official travel and tourism information web. If you are interested to visit Okinawa you should check it out.

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