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Gift from my friend....Is she an Anime girl?

By 4:01 PM

Have you heard Mobile Suit Gundam? Of course not I guess.

It is a Japanese televised anime series. I should say one of very very famous animations in Japan. We just call "Gundam".

Why am I talking about Japanese TV anime?

Because one of my best friends came to Australia to see me.
And one of her gifts for me was....Char original schedule book.....

This is inside, actually 2012 is almost finish now....

I know it's very strange gift ...I'm not a kid anymore.....

The guy on the front  is called Char. He is a one of the main characters in early Gundam series. 

When I was younger, I was big fan of him, especially his VOICE!! He has such a cool voice. Hope you can hear his voice on you tube or something.

So I think it was joke gift I guess.

But many many adults in Japan still love this animation. There are Gundam kinda museum, the real size scale Gundam was built in Tokyo, still selling DVD, books, comics...

Sounds like big money maker.

Anyway just in case if you want to know what is Gundam.

-The story begins with a newly deployed Federation warship, the White Base, arriving at the secret research base located at the Side 7 colony to pick up the Federation's newest weapon. However, they are closely followed by Zeon forces. A Zeon reconnaissance team member disobeys mission orders and attacks the colony, killing most of the Federation crew and civilians in the process. Out of desperation, citizen boy Amuro Ray accidentally finds the Federation's new arsenal—the RX-78 Gundam, and neutralizes the situation. Scrambling everything they can, the White Base sets out with her newly formed crew of civilian recruits and refugees in her journey to survive, and unknowingly, change the course of the war.-From wikipedia

I was so surprise, "English" explanation!!  Must be famous in other countries aswell.

if you wanna know more details, you can check wiki( English ) tells you so many more details in English.

And if you want to go to Gundam kinda museum,this is the English web.


Please don't forget, I'm making Soaps!! ha ha ha

M Naturalz

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