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Japanese Anime Culture....? Gundum TOFU!?

By 12:19 AM

OK, I really got to tell you this. Several people emailed me about Gundum Tofu. It's actually not right.
It's  Zaku Tofu. Real name is The MS-06 Zaku II, a mobile suit from the Japanese animation"Mobile Suit Gundam".

The black one is spoon! Right now, it's clear(white) outside, and vanilla taste....it supposed to be  desert....

It actually been in the market long time I think. I just wrote about Gundam last post, so I thought would be good to share this topic as well. 

Now new one, Z'GOK Tofu. Again this one is the a mobile suit from the Gundam.

As I wrote about Gundam last post, it is still very famous animation in Japan.(Could be other country too) My brother, my friends, my ex co-workers, all still love the series.

So, something new about Gundam comes out, they try to share with me. I don't know why. I guess I'm more understanding than other girls.

I haven't been back to Japan over 3 years, so I've never seen real those Tofu. But many fiends bought those Tofu, and seems like good taste.

If you go to Japan and want to get those Tofu, you can get those in the local super market, convenience store. Both are limited editions Tofu, Eat inside, and take out side as a souvenir!

This is just Zaku Tofu and Z'GOK Tofu web.(Just Japanese)

※Click the picture, then take you to different page.But all Japanese.

I found online shop, but won't ship international.

Zaku Tofu

Z'GOK Tofu
※Both only Japanese language, but you can see details.

Again don't forget I'm a Soap maker! ha ha ha

M Naturalz 

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