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Taking a bath in Japan is serious business.

By 7:15 PM

Have you ever seen modern Japanese bathroom in Japan?

Those are very common style of Japanese bathroom.

Do you notice? There are big bath tub, flexible shower and has a window in the bathroom.

Our bathroom is literally  a room. The bathtub and the shower room are in the same room. So you don't need to worry about the floor gets wet. Our way of taking a bath is very different than a western way.

We take off clothes in the changing room (outside of the bathroom) and before getting in the bathtub, scoop out some water from the bathtub using a washbowl(bucket) and wash your body(or rinse) first, because we share the bathtub(water) with family.Japanese bathtub is soaking only.

In a case when you thought "what the hell is the washbowl or wondering why a little stool in the bathroom" We have some bathroom accessories, such as washbowl and stool. Normally when you wash your body we sit on the stool and rinse by bathtub water with washbowl.

Many Japanese take a bath every day even summer time. Since I came to Australia, I just take a shower. I miss Japanese bath...

Actually modern bath tubs can be programmed to be automatically filled with water of a given temperature at a given time, or to heat up the water to a preferred temperature. Amazing isn't it?

This is the example of the control panel.

Actually somebody is explaining the Japanese modern bath in English on Youtube.

How to take a Japanese bath in English→Nagomi

Japanese culture "bath(Furo)"→Sukiya Living Magazine
※English article.

Take inspiration from the Japanese ritual of the bath.

The Water Cure: The Japanese Bathing Ritual

The Modern Japanese "Ofuro" Bath
 → With Love from Japan
※Young Canadian girls blog. it's so cute.

The Japanese bath company
※seems like this company sells Japanese bath.

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