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Christmas Gift Set

By 12:30 PM

Merry Christmas!!

It's a beautiful day here on the Gold Coast. Sunny and hot! I still feel strange having hot Christmas in here.

The staff members at the salon(I'm working at) had a Christmas Party(Dinner) the other day.

We had biiiiiiig pork ribs. Healthy eh?

Here it's called American Ribs. Is it called American Ribs in the US as well??

Doesn't seem like Christmas dinner....but we had a good time. I ate too much!

I just wanted to share my Christmas gift set for my colleagues.

Gift set consists of Christmas cupcake soap, Pumpkin&Bamboo Charcoal facial soap, Suds net and Lip tint.

This year I prepared and organized very well. It was so much fun to create a gift set for my friends and colleagues.

And I realized, I didn't offer any gift wrapping nor gift set at my shop!!! Oh, Noooooo..... (~_~;)

I'm a really bad shop owner....

Oh well, I will create some next year!

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