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Traditional Japanese Ingredients with the Essence of Australia. No Preservatives, No Animal fats, No Bee Wax

You & Me Facial Soap

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This is a pair of facial soaps comes with 2 forming nets.

Which is Me? Which is You? (^o^)

You can share with your partner or family who has different skin type or you can use both for yourself.

We all change our skin condition time to time, so choose whichever the soap suit you for the time you have trouble with.

Pink one contains Australian pink clay that It is excellent for
firming and toning the skin and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.I call this one "Me Soap". (*^_^*)

"You soap"(Green & Black one)

Contains Australian Green Clay and Japanese Bamboo 

This soap is suitable for people who have Oily skin or an Oily combination skin.(Actually I have oily skin, so this is my soap. ha ha ha)

This You and Me Soap set are now available at my Etsy store.

No Paraben, No Animal fat nor milk No Bee Wax
Traditional Japanese Ingredients with the Essence of Australia
M Naturalz

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