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M Naturalz

Traditional Japanese Ingredients with the Essence of Australia. No Preservatives, No Animal fats, No Bee Wax

English opens the door to the world.

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My shop M Naturalz is featured at the blog Bon Vivants!

Blog is here

Bon Vivants

Bon Vivants is a beauty and fashion blog runs by Jess who aspiring fashion journalist and stylist, residing in Victoria Australia.

She is undertaking a professional photo, film, TV & personal stylist's course. Upon completion she will achieve a diploma in professional styling.

She is also studying a Bachelor of Arts in professional and creative writing, majoring in Journalism the university in Victoria, Australia.

Very focused and talented Aussie girl!

I'm so amazed some people can set their mind, keep focusing and obtain their dream.

I have many friends who are artists, crafters in Japan. But everyone says "I don't understand English so I'm not interested writing blog in English." 

That really sad... They do create amazing stuff.

I have to tell you, majority of Japanese can't speak English even though they studied English at least 6 years in the school. 

Since I've opened Etsy shop and writing blog and facebook in English. I met so many people  all over the world via internet

Another Etsy or not Etsy artists & creators , Soap makers.... I am so appreciate that those people's warm comments and sharing stories. 

I'm not native English speaker, so I do make many grammatical mistakes or simply do make  mistakes. But many people cheer me up.

Language is a tool, I do think English opened the door to the world. Especially for me.

And I do want to thank everyone who support me and welcomed me! 

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