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My First New Multi-Soap Bar Cutter! -DIY

By 11:08 AM

I used to cut my soap individually. Using the thin wire and cut the soap one by one. Oh well, my shop isn't big and I don't make huge amount of soap, so it was ok. 

But one day, I saw the multi soap bar cutters in internet!! Literally my jaw was dropped. (`0`)  Amazing! I want one.!!

But it was kind of expensive, so I asked My Mr, DIY. He said he would make it for me! Yey!!

My soap is not big so I just need a compact and light weight one for easy storage. And I don't need any handle attaches to the frame. 

My Mr,DIY looked very stressed, because as you know you can't use aluminum for cold process soap, every parts you need were so expensive in Australia, you had to go everywhere to find the little parts for my soap cutter.

But He did it!!

Then this is my first new multi soap cutter!

For the light weigh, he used pine for the bottom part. The frame he had to use steel.  He bought the steel L shape bar(?), and cut it for 4 prices then weld those together. 

My soap fit perfect!

Just press the corner of the frame gently. You don't need much pressure. 


Cut perfectly!! 

I love it!!

And Mr,DIY wanted to make a new one. 

OK that's fine with me.

This is a new model. (^o^)
I like white, so he sprayed the frame with white paint. That's nice! The bottom is an actually chopping board! 

The material of the frame, the process of the work is the same, he just painted it. This time he used eyebolts for holding the wires.

I love it!! 

Great work! Mr,DIY!! \(^o^)/

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