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5 Elements Facial Soap Set "Australia. The Land Down Under"

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This is a set of luxury facial soaps, contain gifts from Australian mother nature, such as Australian Macadamia nut oil, Mineral rich Australian Clay, Australian grown Olive oil, Australian Native Plant Essential oil. 

Pack of gift from Australian mother nature!!

There are 5 different colors and the different approach for the different skin condition.

I'm planning to make another set which would be Japanese theme facial soap. (^o^)/

The idea of 5 Elements Facial Soaps are -

our skin condition changes day by day, season to season. 
So, those 5 soaps contain Australian clays and Australian native plants essential oils to improve your skin condition. 

When your skin tends to bit dry or oily, you can easily pic the right soap you need.

Many Japanese change the foundation, lotion and facial cream Summer time and Winter time.

So why not your facial soap?

All natural color from Australian Clay.

White: Australian White Clay Facial Soap
Idea: For Normal skin condition. Good for daily use.

Green: Australian Green Clay Facial Soap
Idea: For Oily skin condition. When your skin get more oily condition.

Yellow: Australian Yellow Clay and Jojoba oil Facial Soap 
Idea: Mature and dry skin. This facial soap smooth and firm your skin. 

Pink: Australian Pink Clay and Aus Avocado Soap
Idea: Dry, Sensitive skin condition. 

Brown: Australian Zeolite & White Clay + Molasses Soap 
Idea: Detox, looks dull skin condition. When your skin get dull and rough, this soap helps to smooth the skin.

Washing face is an ordinary routine thing, but I would like people to feel luxurious feeling and time.

So, this soap set comes with the forming net and the box and wrapping.

Is it cute??

More soap is here

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