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DIY Acrylic Soap mould

By 4:47 PM

I posted about my acrylic soap molds before. I actually bought those soap molds in Japan, it easy to use, easy to clean I like it.

I've been using those molds more than 5 years, then I realized I need more molds for my new order. 

So I checked the shop I've bought my soap molds 5 years ago. Of course, they changed the size!! Don't you hate that!? 

Now I'm stuck. If I want to buy a new size mold, I have to replace all old mold as well. I don't want to waste my old soap molds......

So, I asked Mr, DIY to make a new mold for me. (^o^)

First, I measured my old soap mold and bought A4 size acrylic sheets at eBay. 

Then cut the acrylic sheet and just put those together! 
Sounds easy, right?


The hardest point was to cut the acrylic sheet. Using the acrylic cutter and pretty much you have to scratch the acrylic sheet 10000 times till its snap. If you do this way, your finger will get  rheumatism or something. Mr, DIY used the table saw. Maybe there are a better way but it worked for me.

The second hardest point was to glue them together....
It was impossible to glue 4 corners at the same time. Even though tried to put one corner each time, just slide....

So I decided to not use the glue. I used the special tape called "Yojou tape" in Japanese. I googled it in English, Google said it was curing tape(Not the
masking tape)It's less sticky than duct tape but stronger than masking tape, you can cut with your hand easily, and can be able to peel off easily without sticky glue residue.

Anyway, strong enough to hold the frame and easy to take it off. It was a great idea to use this tape.(My idea!) \(^o^)/

I found the Video how to get the soap out from the acrylic frame.

As you saw YouTube, you have to push the acrylic mold down to get the soap out. I can see that she was a little struggle to push it down. I'm the same. Some soap recipe, it just fine, comes out easy, but some aren't.

So, the last thing I asked Mr, DIY was...to put little handle to the molds.

  This way I can push the frame down very easy. More space for my fingers. 

Now I have lots of acrylic molds!! ready to make more soap!! Yey!!

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