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Gagomae Kombu Facial Soap

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As you know, seaweed has tremendous health and beauty benefit. And the seaweed is a one of the common food in.

Brown seaweed (Laminaria japonica or Kombu) is rich in organic iodine, fucoidan, alginates, and other mineral values. It also contains lots of trace minerals.

"Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide (MW: average 20,000) found mainly in various species of brown algae and brown seaweed such as mozuku, Kombu, limu moui, bladderwrack, wakame, and hijiki (variant forms of fucoidan have also been found in animal species, including the sea cucumber). Fucoidan is used as an ingredient in some dietary supplement products."
From Wikipedia

The research shows that fucoidan’s therapeutic properties include immune system enhancement, relief of digestive/intestinal disorders, allergy control, improvement of liver functions, powerful anti-oxidant action, cholesterol and blood pressure regulation, blood sugar stabilization and the promotion of healthy skin and hair.

Actually specific brown seaweed named “Gagomae Kombu” contains twice more fucoidan than other brown seaweeds.

Gagomae Kombu is only taken limited area of the sea around in (the north ). Gagomae Kombu is famous for it features the tenacity and stickiness. A main component, that included in the stickiness of Gagomae Kombu, is fucoidan. So, Gagomae Kombu has been attracting attention as a material for medicine and cosmetics in.

Sticky Kombu, sounds yucky right? 

 but it’s not that bad. 

Again, as a Soap Maker and Beauty Therapist, I had to have the Gagomae Kombu!
Of course, I got it from, I was sooooo excited to create new soap using Gagome Kombu!

Fucoidan has a great moisturizing effect and has anti-aging effects of the skin.So this time I wanted to forces the power of Gagomae Kombu’s anti aging effect for my new soap.

You can't see the color in this picture well but actually the soap has a natural color of Gagome Kombu, green!

 It’s really beautiful!! The gift from the ocean! Next to the soap is powdered Gagomae kombu.

This soap is good for Dry skin, Dehydrate skin, oily or oily combination skin, and mature skin condition.
Actually good for every one!! 

Oh, important tip! I spell "Gagomae" in this blog, because the pronunciation. Normally we spell "Gagome", like "Wakame".If you talk to Japanese and talk about "Wakame", pronounce like "Wakamae " otherwise we don't understand.  Now you can speak Japanese!! Yey!

New Gagomae Kombu Facial Soap is available at my Etsy store.Under the "All skin type" shop section
Handmade soap M Naturalz

This is Oprah’s article 

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