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Go to Japan in Summer time!

By 6:42 PM

One of the best times to go to is Summer time! 

Yes, has yucky and muggy summer but during the summer in, fireworks festivals are held nearly every day someplace in the country, in total numbering more than 200 during August. The festivals consist of large fireworks shows,

We call fireworks "Hanabi" in Japanese, and the literal meaning of it is "flowery fire".
The largest fireworks festival is PL Art of Fireworks.  It is recognized as one of the biggest fireworks festivals in the world.

I actually went once when I was younger. It was spectacular!! But the problem was… to come home. Always 250,000 to 300,000 people come to see the fireworks, means you would be stuck where ever you are. 

This picture is an image, but any fireworks festival you go, something like this. So many people. I'm not joking. The current population of the Osaka City, Japan is estimated to be about 2,872,000(8,857,691 in Osaka Prefecture). Yes!! Plus many people come from different prefectures

It doesn't matter taking public transportation or an own car, It take looooooong time to get out from the place.

Even today, men and women (mostly women) attend these events wearing the traditional Yukata (summer Kimono). Yukata is back to the fashion. Nowadays you can buy inexpensive Yukata at boutique in. Good souvenir!

It doesn't matter anywhere you go in; you can see some fireworks festival in your local place, so be sure to check out the amazing fireworks festivals. 

I really would like you guys to visit and see fireworks!!

This is my hometown’s () famous fireworks festival; called ”Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival” It is held on the river banks. It is spectacular to see Hanabi exploding overhead.

The tens of thousands of fireworks are launched in a single night. Really spectacular!!

The video doesn't show the size of fireworks, but you can compare to the buildings just behind. The size, depth, the color, really beautiful!

The fireworks are really big. Even you can see the fireworks from the train. It's really cool. 

Actually I could see the slice and a small piece of this fireworks festival from my apartment in.

Anyway watching fireworks festival on the river bank or near the place of the festival and on see your own eyes are something really amazing and special.

Just thinking about it making me feel cry....。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
Miss Japan.....

Anyway I found some article about Japanese Fireworks and Fireworks Festivals.

*Sumida River Fireworks Featival
One of the biggest fireworks. It has a English page!

*Japanese Fireworks
Somebody explains about Japanese Fireworks in English.
Such as all about Japanese fireworks,  Fireworks Festival information, How to take fireworks photographs.

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