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New 5 Elements Facial Soap! "WA & Australia"

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This is a NEW 5 Elements Faial Soap Set!

"WA and Australia" Soap

WA is an old name of Japan. 

This soap set is a combination of gifts from Japanese and Australian Mother Nature, such as Japanese traditional herbs, Japanese bamboo charcoal (Not activate charcoal), Japanese Cherry Blossom Honey, Australian Macadamia nut oil, Mineral rich Australian Clay, Australian grown Olive oil, Australian Native Plant Essential oil.

Sounds yummy!

Our skin condition changes day by day, season to season. 
So, those 5 soaps are to improve your skin condition. 

There are 5 different colors and the different approach for the different skin conditions.

Compare to "Australia. The land down under" soap "WA & Australia" Soap is a darker hue.

The active ingredients (Japanese herbs) I use this soap have been using as folk medicine for a long time in Japan. And we use those still now!

The key ingredients are

Purplish White
Shikon (Purple Gromwell ) and Australian White Clay 

Yomogi(Japanese Mugwort or Artemisia) and Australian Green Clay 

Yuzu and Australian Yellow Clay

Japanese Bamboo Charcoal 

Japanese Azuki(Red beans) and Cherry Blossom Honey

Comes with a Foaming Net (Suds Net), there are 5 colors to chose from!

5 Elements Soap Set "WA & Australia" is available at Etsy shop!

M Naturalz
Handmade soap from Gold Coast!


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