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Are we Vampires?

By 10:50 PM ,

Probably many people know Japanese girls want to have whiter, flawless skin.

In Japan, white skin has been praised as a symbol of beauty for a long time. There is even a proverb that says, “White skin covers seven flaws.” meaning a fair-skinned woman is beautiful even if her features are not attractive.

I know, it's very rude prove!! (`ヘ´)

When I was a child, I had darker skin color than my little brother. Actually many people misunderstood my brother was a girl. Not anymore. ha ha ha

So, many relatives said to me "Oh, their (me and my brother) skin color should be opposite." It's really cruel thing to say to a little girl. (>_<)

When I became a teenager my mom used to say "Use the sunscreen" or "Use the parasol" every time I was about to go out in a summer time.

I just ignored what she said. Luckily Japanese summer is short, so I didn't get too much damage to my skin.

When I became the mid 20's , I started to use more whitening products, Vitamin C serums. I finally listen to my mom.

Now every girl use sunscreen, wear a hat or using UV protected parasol even high school students. 

Some people use UV protected gloves in SUMMER time.

Some people use a UV protected Sun visor

Looks and sound ridiculous, but we are serious. Try to protect our face, hands, arms, neck from the sun as much as possible.

When you go to Japan in Spring to Summer time, you will see many girls like the pictures above. And you can find all kinds of sun protection goods. (^o^)/

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