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Mineral Powder Sunscreen

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As a beauty therapist, I always ask my clients that “Are you using sunscreen?” Most of the time they say, “No,”
This is Queensland, Australia!!

Australia has the highest skin cancer incidence rate in the world. Approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70!!

Everybody knows sun's ultraviolet (UV) light damages our skin and accelerate the aging. Of course, it’s not just looks, expose to sunlight leads to skin cancer.

Most of my clients say applying sunscreen is too much trouble, and they don’t like the film like feel of the sunscreen.

I understand, after the shower, you don’t want to apply greasy sunscreen on your clean skin.

So, I made an easy application sunscreen.
This sunscreen made of all mineral powder and SPF 30+ and UBV/ UVB protection!

Soooo easy to use. 

Just brush it on!

It’s small enough to pop in your purse and apply anytime you need.  

Even though I have no plan to go out I just brush this on, because still sun's ultraviolet (UV) light comes through the windows and I have to go out to hang the laundry or water my herbs. Even 5 minutes Australian sunlight is very strong, easily damage my skin.

This is a mineral powder sunscreen, so it's washed off with the soap. You don't need a special cleanser to remove.

The key of the application is using a brush. if you use a powder puff, it makes you look caked or powdery. 

How to apply mineral UV powder
1. Moisturize your face beforehand. 
2. Pour a small amount of UV powder into your palm or into the lid.(Sorry, the lid may small for your brush)
3. Swirl the brush in the palm, and then tap off any excess. 
4. Apply the UV powder by rubbing the brush on your skin in a circular motion.

This mineral UV powder is very versatile. You can use a base powder or finishing powder.Also, you can mix with your mineral powder foundation to give more UV protection. And you can mix with oil or cream to make own light-tinted BB cream for people who have dry skin condition.

Just note
This mineral power doesn't suite outdoor sports or Beach activities. The mineral UV Powder doesn't have any water resistance. 

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