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Botanical Blend Cleansing Oil

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I actually got emails from several people asking me the same questions.

The question was "can I use the soap for removing the sunscreen".

I actually use Japan made sunscreen. Those are specially formulated for washing off with soaps. 

Those are some of my daily use sunscreens. All of them don't require any special remover or cleanser.

So, my answer would be "Yes," for their questions. 

But I think many people use normal sunscreens. 
Unfortunately, most sunscreens are so difficult to remove, it doesn't matter natural or not. Probably many people have experienced that try to remove the sunscreen with facial soap, but still you can feel a film or paste-like residue left on your skin.

There are several ways to remove the sunscreens natural way. 

1. Using an oil to remove the sunscreens or make -up. This is called oil cleansing method(OCM).

2. Using oil cleansing/ oil cleanser or cleansing oil. Those are oil based cleanser.

The both way, oil cleansing is useful for people wear sunscreen or full make up. OCM or the Oil cleansing works for sunscreen or make-up well because of a basic rule of chemistry, like dissolves like. That means oil attracts other oils, (either naturally produced sebum or those from makeup and other products), the oils you are rubbing on your face are dissolving the oils on your skin. 

OCM works great when you devote a lot of time to do it. But if you don't rub the oil long enough or if you neglect parts of your face, you're not going to be clean. And if you don't wash them off properly it feels greasy or can become clogged and may get breakouts.

I personally don’t want to rub my face or don't want to get greasy either, so I thought I should create a lightweight & non-greasy botanical oil blend cleanser. 

This cleaning oil isn't OCM. This is an oil based cleanser. I tried to make as simple and gentle possible.

Once this oil cleaning dissolves the oils on your skin, it becomes water soluble and takes the debris with it when you rinse off. 

This Facial Cleansing Oil gently removes a sunscreen, makeup, and impurities quickly and easily. Your skin gets clean without getting greasy and oily. You can feel your skin soften, conditioned and hydrated.

It’s perfect for ALL skin type even oily skin.

I choose three botanical oils 

*Rosehip oil is normally extracted from the wild rose. It's a great natural skin care moisturizer and rejuvenates the skin.
*Grape seed oil is very light consistency, so doesn't feel thick oily feel when you use it for your face. 
*Sweet almond oil no need to explain I guess, nourishes your skin. 

To use this, simply put cleansing oil into the palms of your hands and smooth it over, your dry sunscreen or makeup applied face. Massage it around. (Don’t put too much pressure) 
Now add a little water and the oil will begin to emulsify and go milky. Massage a bit more and rinse off.

Use a lotion and finish with serum or moisturizer. 

Just because you have oily skin, doesn't mean that you don't need to moisturize. Oily skin needs moisture too!

This oil cleansing can use most of the nonchemical sunscreens except waterproof and high SPF sunscreens (such as SPF50 or more). Those sunscreens need special removers or cleanser. 

This oil cleansing doesn’t work for waterproof and high silicon contain makeup products, if you are using those makeup products, you need special makeup remover as well.

-1.July. 2014
Testing time. (´∀`*)/
I originally created lightweight & non-greasy botanical blend oil cleanser for removing sunscreen.

I tested my oil cleanse to remove eyeliner and lipstick.

And worked beautifully! \(^o^)/ When you want to use this oil to remove eyeliner, I would recommend using Q-tips. Don't rub eyelid.
And probably it won't work well for waterproof type.

Facial Cleansing Oil is available now!

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