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Japanese Love Hinoki!

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Hinoki is a highly fragrant species of cypress native to Japan. 

Also, Hinoki is one of the most prized types of wood in Japan. The wood of this tree is nicely lemon-like scented and distinguished by its light color and straight grain.

Hinoki has been used for centuries for palaces, temples, shrines and bath environments due to its natural beauty, resistance to mold and mildew as well as aromatic and therapeutic properties. Japanese adore those exquisite features.

The world's oldest wooden architecture Horyu-ji Temple was built with Hinoki.After 1300 years passed, Hory-ji is maintained well by specialists. And when specialists sharpen the Hinoki, they still can smell Hinoki fragrance still now. That is amazing.

Many Japanese dreams to have Hinoki wooden bath tub. 

Modern Hinoki Bathtub
Cypress Wood smell has relaxing and refreshing properties and has even proven to kill bacteria.

Many companies sell Hinoki bath accessories to enrich your bath time.

As I wrote the post about “Taking a bath is serious business in Japan”, In Japanese culture, the bath is taken at night with no rush. Relaxing and rejuvenating ritual process at the end of the day. We all love taking a nice bath even summer time.

I miss Japanese deep bath tub, you can really soak yourself in. Many Japanese also use bath salts, bath powder, and bath oil to enjoy the bath time.

So, my inspiration came from my culture again.

The products I made Hinoki Spa is a reusable Hinoki bath experience for everyone.

Very easy to use! just drop the Hinoki SPA sachet in the hot bath. Experience the fresh, clean fragrance of Hinoki.

Dry Hinoki and sachet each use, this is a reusable product. You can enjoy it till fragrance becomes faded.

Smell of Zen, experience the fresh, clean fragrance of Hinoki - recognized as a stress-reliever in aromatherapy.

Hinoki Spa is available at M Naturalz etsy store!

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Hinoki Bath tub

Italian architect who is living Japan begun exporting Hinoki tubs from year 2002.
His blog

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