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UV Key Chain

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Everybody knows sun's ultraviolet (UV) light damages our skin and accelerate the aging. Of course, it not just looks, expose to sunlight leads to skin cancer. 

As I wrote the past post “Are we Vampires?” in my blog, we all Japanese girls are afraid of UV. We want to avoid Photoaging and want to have whiter, flawless skin.

Everyone can beware of UV in the summer time. But how about in spring or even winter time?

I got this chart From Japan Meteorological Agency. 

This is a how much amount of ultraviolet radiation in the year in Osaka (Japan).

The statistics show the amount of harmful ultraviolet radiation is already strong on May, moderate in March and April. It's Spring time in Japan. You can see weak is only 3 months of wintertime, so rest of the year, pretty much we have to be aware of the UV. Again this is in Japan.

One of my friends actually told me that she got a suntan in winter here Australia. She thought it was a winter time, so she had been jogged without hat and sunscreen. (°Д°;
I told her, she shouldn't underestimate Australian winter and I made a UV keychain for her to check how much UV light getting outside.

What is UV Key Chain?? Probably many Japanese know what it is. The little plastic detects UV light and it turns color when exposed to UV light.

I use little beads shape plastics. These beads appear white while indoors, but when take them outside, the ultraviolet-sensitive pigment change the color into blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. Is it cool?

This is a little test I did.
Inside (The sun hits beads through window, so color changed a little. but you can see very whitish)

Inside but sunlight hits the beads.

 The color got really dark. Means even inside of the house, if you get the sunlight, you get the sun damage.

I know some of my friends got window tinted in their house to not exposed the UV!!

Also, those key chains are the perfect tool for testing UV products like sunglasses. I checked car window tinting, UV protected parasol as well. 
It really fun. (*゚∇゚*)

I used gemstones to give some nice matching color and charm for the key chain.

Combination of bead colors and gemstones. 
1.Purple with Black Onyx 
2.Green with Peridot
3.Orange with Carnelian
4.Blue with Lapis-Lazuli
5.Pink with Cherry quartz
6.Yellow  with Mother of Pearl

Remember the bead colors are when exposed to the UV, normally white color.

Change their colors
All made by me. \(^o^)/

Those key chains are reminders for you to wear the hat or put the sunscreen on(Don't forget, sunscreen needs to reapply). Darker color means stronger UV light! 

Those are available in my Etsy shop

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