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Cream Incense "Sankotenshi"

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Superstitious beliefs are still common in Japan. Especially “Cleanse” or “Purify” is very important rituals in Japanese culture, even though, in the big city, still now we do have and believe many rituals in everyday life such as having a bath every day, offering water and rice, also burn incense to Buddhist altar, go to shrine to get rid of bad luck, carefully select a date for a wedding, moving and funeral.This is a very important thing in Japan. Probably almost everyone checks the calendar for the date, whichever ceremony you would have is the good suitable date or not.

Incense is used for a variety of purposes and occasion, including the ceremonies of the religions, repel insects, purify or improve space, meditation, and for a simple pleasure in Japan.

The ingredient of this cream incense is very special powdered incense, called Zokoh. This incense is not used for burning. This is normally used by monks for cleanse their mouth, hands or body before they enter the temple. Nowadays normal people use this powder incense for spiritual or room cleanse.

I have created this cream incense for easy to use and easy to carry. The powder is already mixed with the cream. So, if you need to meditate, purify yourself or space, take a little bit of cream and spread on your lower palm (or back of your hands) or spread on the piece of paper to cleanse your space.

This cream was made by fragrant woods, not essential oil, so fragrance is not strong and woodier tone, also you can feel a bit grainy in this cream.

Sanko tenshi means Three heavenly gods of light. This is a collective word of Buddhist god of Sun (Nitten), Moon (Gatten) and Star(Myojoten). Hope you can feel their power when you use this cream incense.

This is actually collaboration project with the grand master of Japanese calligraphy Kizan Kakinuma. This cream incense has three different fragrances and each one comes with the different Kizan's artwork. He designed this artwork for M Naturalz.

Kizan Kakinuma 
was an awarded calligrapher by one of Japan’s most prestigious calligraphy associations in 2004. He has trained in traditional Japanese calligraphy to master all 5 different writing styles. He also studied history, philosophy and as well as the art of Japanese calligraphy in Japan. After he became a grand master of Japanese Calligraphy, he continued to study Siddham script (Bonji), to expand his knowledge and skills. His Japanese calligraphy is not just traditional, he has also created own style by collaborating with people in street art, hip hop music, and club culture.

If you want to see more Kizan's calligraphy and artwork please check his facebook.

You can purchase Kizan's design T-shirt at

There are three fragrances are available.

Nitten /日天 (God of Sun)
Woody and Spicy fragrance. 
Almost all friends said, “Temple” when they smelled this one. So, I would say very Japanese temple like scent.

Gatten /月天 (God of Moon)
woody and sweet fragrance
This has more woody caramel like sweet and bitter tone. But it's still Japanese scent.

Myojoten /明星天 (God of Star)
Sandalwood fragrance
This is fragrant wood sandalwood, very woody tone.

Those are all Vegan products.

How to use:
1. When you need to meditate, purify yourself or space, take a little bit of cream incense and spread on your lower palm (or back of your hands) or spread it on a tissue (tissue method).

2. Put your hands together like the second top picture on this blog (hold the tissue between your hands), then take a deep breath. Or leave the tissue the place you would like to cleanse. 

3. Meditate or continue your rituals
*fragrant woods may cause irritation for some people if so please use tissue method. Please Don’t leave on your skin or don't touch your face with your fingers have the cream on. 

This cream is made by Australian grown Macadamia nut oil and Macadamia wax, so you can apply on your skin (your palm, not your face!!), but please wash your hand after you finish your meditation or cleansing rituals.

Again this cream contains fragrant wood, not essential oil. If you have sensitive skin condition, use the tissue to put the cream on. 

Cream Incense Sankotenshi is now available at my Etsy shop!

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