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My Trip to Japan Entertament Public Bath (Super Sento)

By 1:28 PM

The list of things I wanted to do in Japan besides meet my friends and eat Japanese food was to have a bath.

Normally I just take a shower in Australia. As I wrote "Taking a bath is serious business in Japan" in my blog before.  Having a bath is very important culture.  

In this trip, I went to "Super Sento" with my girlfriends. 
Sento means a public bath in Japanese but I actually I had no idea what " Super sento" was.  The sento (public bath) I know is a place where the locals could go to wash themselves, soak in a tub and socialize with neighbors especially old people. 

Anyway, the "Super sento" my girlfriend took me was big!! and more like Japanese style SPA or SPA like amusement park. 

There were restaurant, souvenir shop, cafe

 TV room, Massage room (You can get a massage as well), Massage Chairs.

And of course different inside baths

Outside baths

Different type of Saunas such as normal sauna, steam sauna, salt sauna, stone sauna...

and a library. You can read Japanese Manga, Magazines

All those facilities are under the same roof!! We went to the Super Sento after dinner, so probably around 10 pm, but there were so many people. 

Oh, male and female have separate bath, but other spaces can be used together. 

I got to tell you, Japanese Onsen or public bath, you cannot wear swimsuits. You have to take off all your clothes to have a bath. Yes, if you go to the public bath with friends, all naked and have a bath together. 

Sounds wired but very HOT thing to do now in Japan. I saw many young girls came in together or even boys.

My girlfriend and I took a shower to wash ourselves, hopped in the lower temperature bath, moved on to the high temperature bath, jet massage bath, outside bath, herbal bath, cooled off for a while, hopped in another bath, went to stone sauna, rested at the resting room, read some magazines...when I checked the time, it was already past midnight!! ( ゜Д゜;)
My girlfriend said she normally stays more than 3 hours. 

My first experience of the super sento in Japan was so much fun. Even not the "super" one, having a bath and stretch your all body in the big tub is so relaxing!!

I found some posts about sento in English.
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