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My Trip to Japan - Home cooking Japanese meal

By 7:25 PM

I can't believe it has been 2 months since I came back from Japan. It was so much fun and I ate too much. 

I think many people know about Japanese food. But home cooking Japanese meal is bit different than the restaurant.

At home, we normally don't serve one plate style. Cook several foods and share with family.

Those food pictures were made by my mom.
You can see the Tempura in the center, Kiriboshidaikon(dried radish strips) on the left, salad on the right and Khoyadofu(freeze-dried bean curd) under the salad. Those are dinner food to share with family. 

Each one has own rice bowl, chopsticks and an empty plate for the  place the food. This day we had own fish as well. 

This night we had Sashimi, Kinpiragobo and spinach with sesame. 

This night mom made all my favorite food,  so each one had own food. No share,.

Again each one has a grilled fish, Miso soup. We shared veggies.

This was a lunch. One bowl meal and Miso soup. Sorry, the miso soup supposed be on the right side. (°Д°;
Japanese table setting has also strict rules.

Anyway those were Japanese home-style meal. 
As you see we normally don't  use matched plates, like a hotel. Choosing a plate to match the food. 

There are so many homestyle Japanese recipes on an internet, so try some Japanese night!

I have to admit. I hate cooking. When I win a Lotte, I want to hire the shef!! so I don't need to cook. ha ha ha 
The key is choosing easy and quick recipe!

-There are Video and great recipes by a Japanse girl

-There are so many Videos!

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