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Grand master of Japanese Calligraphy Kizan Kakinuma & M Naturalz

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Japanese Calligraphy is called Shodo in Japanese.

Japanese calligraphy is a form of calligraphy or artistic writing using an ink dipped brush, of the Japanese language. Japanese calligraphy shares its roots with Chinese calligraphy and many of its principles and techniques are very similar and recognizes the same basic writing styles.
 – from Wikipedia

Most children learn basic calligraphy in elementary school. Yes, I have learned basic Japanese calligraphy when I was a kid, but I just can’t write it. Actually I hated the Shodo class. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
I think most people can’t have patient and time. Of course, you have to practice many times. Do you know how many Kanji we have and how many different writing style we have? A lot!! Japanese characters have to be drawn in the correct order. Using an ink dipped brush (you have to know the right amount of ink) and write on the thin paper. Hope you understand how hard Shodo is.

Then I met a Japanese guy who was a grand master of Japanese calligraphy, name Kizan Kakinuma.

He was an awarded calligrapher by one of Japan’s most prestigious calligraphy associations in 2004.
He has trained in traditional Japanese calligraphy to master all 5 different writing styles. He also studied history, philosophy and as well as the art of Japanese calligraphy in Japan. 

After he became a grand master of Japanese Calligraphy, he continued to study Siddham script (Bonji), to expand his knowledge and skills. His Japanese calligraphy is not just traditional, he has also created own style by collaborating with people in street art, hip hop music, and club culture.

His first exhibition,“KIZAN KAKINUMA CALLIGRAPHY ART EXHIBITION in BRISBANE” in June 2014, was very successful. His more recent works are wall paintings in both the Holloway restaurant and THE BUCHAN GROUP in Brisbane, Australia.

Since this summer, (winter in Australia), we have been working on our collaboration project.

Now, I'm really happy to announce that "M Naturalz & Kizan Kakinuma Collaboration Project, our interpretation of Traditional Japan -Zukoh." is finally completed!

My part of the task was to convert the traditional Japanese culture  into modern beauty product. 

“Cleanse” or “Purify” is very important in Japanese culture, so the reason why my main concept in my shop is "cleanse" (purify). It’s not just fiscally cleansing you. We do cleanse or purify money, property, house, your spirits, your space…

So, I decided to create the cream incense. As you know the incense can be used to cleanse in general rituals.

My creation of cream incense is used to cleanse spiritual, space and place of negative energy. It is great for meditation.

This cream incense has three different fragrances and each one comes with Kizan's artwork. He designed this artwork for M Naturalz.

This cream incense will be able to purchase at M Naturalz soon!!
Please stay tuned!!  

If you want to see more Kizan's calligraphy and artwork please check his facebook.

or facebook page

You can purchase Kizan's designed T-shirt at
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